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Mat. 15:6

Welcome to Rev. Whitey's!

September, 2011

Welcome to Rev. Whitey's! My real name is Doug Jackson, but "Rev. Jackson" I am not (do a Google search for "Rev. Jackson" to see what I mean).

My aim with this website is to provide resources to people searching for the truth. It's not my job to convert anybody. It is, however, my duty to shine a light.

The quotation displayed in my website's header was taken from the Peshitta, the Eastern Aramaic NT. Why use the Peshitta? Simply put, the Peshitta is the best collection of NT writings available to us. I encourage you to investigate for yourself the claims made regarding Peshitta primacy. While I'm 99.44% convinced of Peshitta primacy, I'm 100% convinced of Aramaic primacy (for at least those 22 books). The Greek NT writings are translations! And yes, it matters...

Along with other things, I slowly am working on a Peshitta project for e-Sword. The package will contain my English translation of the Peshitta (based on Stephen Silver's transcription of the Khabouris Codex), a commentary module with translation notes, a commentary module with the Khabouris Codex text, a dictionary module with translation notes, a dictionary module making use of Dr. George A. Kiraz's SEDRA3 database and being formatted for use with the Khabouris Codex commentary module, and all of the necessary fonts. The available contents may be less comprehensive depending upon what I will be permitted to distribute.

If you have any questions or comments about this site, I encourage you to send me an e-mail at