Rev. Whitey's

Mat. 15:6


August, 2011 (last update: September, 2011)

"God Said It, I Believe It, and That Settles It!"

This quote can be found on refrigerator magnets and elsewhere. On its face, I agree with the sentiment. There is one ultimate authority. What He says, I believe. If you aren't He, don't expect the same response.

Here's a problem: Many of these magnets' owners have no idea what "God" said. Why not? Because they believe what someone said that "God" said. This so-called authority could have been Pastor Bob, the pope, or anyone else. Here's another problem: Many of these people are belligerent in promoting what someone said that "God" said. (By the way, you know His name is not "God," don't you? See "Names" for more on that topic.)

I picked up a tip from the late Dr. Gene Scott. When someone tells you "God said," ask for a chapter and a verse. You may be surprised by how many references you don't receive—and by how many nasty responses you do receive (that will give you food for thought). When you do get a reference, check it out! If you care about the truth, do the work; don't just lazily accept someone's word for something—especially when someone else gives you reason to question what you've been told.

Remember this: Whether or not you like someone has no relation to the validity of that person's statements. People you like can be wrong; people you dislike can be right.

"Question Authority"

This bumper sticker was on my next-door neighbor's car—until someone half-ripped it off the bumper. Notice what happens when authority is questioned, and be prepared for it. Questionable authorities don't like to be questioned. That goes for Christians, Jews, Muslims, Evolutionists, governments, etc.