Rev. Whitey's

Mat. 15:6

Food for Thought

August, 2011 (updated August, 2011)

Here I will share some observations and understandings. They're presented as food for thought. Check the menu periodically as I'm planning to add to it regularly.

Why Bother?

It's amazing what some people believe. It's even more amazing why they believe it. It's obvious to me that one can believe something without actually thinking about it. It's also obvious to me that many try to avoid thinking about certain things so their beliefs won't be challenged. Striving to have "blind faith" is not laudable—it's dishonest (among other things). Working to spread one's blind faith is even worse.

Most of us have been fed all sorts of religious nonsense from a variety of sources. Food for Thought may help to counteract the poison. Recognizing a problem is the first step toward correcting it.

"Always Right"

I know I'm not always right, though I frequently have been accused of thinking that I'm always right. I find that both humorous and insightful. It's humorous because many times I formerly had agreed with my accusers (so I obviously think I was wrong). It's insightful because only rarely has any evidence against my position accompanied an accusation; and when that rare evidence has been refuted, it hasn't seemed to matter; somehow, I still was wrong because I think I'm always right (I suppose that's fairly humorous, too).

If you think I've got something wrong, please let me know what it is and why you believe I'm wrong. I've got an open mind and I want to know the truth. "I don't see it that way" is no argument. Calling me names is no argument. If you can't supply evidence to support your claim, that should give you food for thought.