Rev. Whitey's

Mat. 15:6


October, 2012

I attended a "Christian" wedding recently. The service was in a lovely church with a very nice organ. There were hymns sung, prayers voiced, and scriptures read aloud. Then there was a brief sermon. The prevailing opinion was that it was a wonderful service; but to me, it was mere Churchianity.

More than once, the minister referred to the Scriptures as being "the instruction book for life." "The Scriptures are your guide" we were told, and the crowd smiled pleasantly in agreement.

How then was roast pork the most-popular meal at the reception? Obviously, the Scriptures are not your guide if you brazenly disregard what they have to say. Paying lip service doesn't help.

A Christian by definition follows Christ. If you follow your Church traditions instead, then you are a Churchian—not a Christian.