Rev. Whitey's

Mat. 15:6


August, 2011

On The Theory of Evolution

Let me begin by stating that The Theory of Evolution—even if it were valid—is no threat to my "religious" beliefs. Of course, many Evolutionists would have you believe otherwise. Why? It's their best defense (even though it isn't very good). If they can convince people that the only opposition to their "theory" comes from unscientific, religious nuts, then they won't have to deal with actual evidence. The fact of the matter is that The Theory of Evolution is dogma. Unscientific, religious individuals are everywhere... preaching Evolution! And woe to those who won't convert...

If one has a defensible position, then one does not have to lie, cheat, and bully. But I know from my own experience (and others know from theirs) that this is exactly what to expect from Evolutionists. The hypocrisy is stunning. These so-called "scientists" attack people rather than deal with scientific arguments. They demand that we accept what they say based solely upon their "authority." If you ask an un-approved question, Evolutionists will call you names. They're not interested in education; their goal is indoctrination. Their "theory" is supported by a collection of non sequiturs, contradictions, and frauds. That's why the Evolutionist clergy is adamant about silencing its opposition. If Evolutionists really had a case, they wouldn't fear honest debate.

Food for Thought

If you decide to challenge Evolutionists—especially their clergy—be prepared. Stay on topic. They tend to be practiced at misdirection. When they're unsuccessful at deflecting your questions, you can expect to be shouted down (or worse).

While I don't recall all of the details, I do remember an episode from my teen years when basically I was accused of letting my religious beliefs get in the way of my education since I questioned the nonsense being presented in a biology class. The nonsense wasn't actually defended; instead, I was attacked. Lesson learned.

Further Food for Thought

While I don't necessarily agree with everything it presents, I encourage you to read this book.

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